You will need
  • card of the savings Bank;
  • - passbook;
  • - the passport.
To withdraw cash in the savings Bank Department, you need to go there with your passport and the card or passbook.
Wait your turn (depending on Department it can be a living or, more rarely, e), show the teller your passport and the card or passbook and name the amount you would like to remove.If you want to know the balance in the account, first, please, then tell me, will you remove the money, if so, how.
Depending on the branch, the teller will give you cash yourself or send them to the cashier, handed a token or other identifier. The cashier you will need to show a passport and a passbook or card.
Check the amount in the document that you will offer, and sign it if everything is in order. Get money and the receipt.When withdrawing cash from the card may require a PIN. At the request of the teller or the cashier enter it from the keyboard device installed in front of the window of the office or premises where the operator.
To withdraw cash from the card at an ATM, insert it into the machine. Enter the PIN and confirm the correctness of the set by pressing the appropriate button.Select from the menu that appears on the screen, the option "cash" (or another with the same meaning). Select a withdrawal amount from the options or enter a different hand. In the second case, confirm its correctness.The ATM will prompt you to print a receipt. Depending on your decision, and agree or disagree by pressing the corresponding key.Wait until the ATM will issue a card, money and receipt, if not abandoned it.