The first distinguishing feature of Parisian - scarf. This accessory is built into the cult, and in winter and summer in the French capital to meet men in an elegant muffler or girls in a miniature mixed gas flying scarves. In cold weather on the inhabitants of Paris could not be hats, a warm coat or shoes, but a thick wool scarf, wrapped multiple times around the neck, will be required. As a rule, scarves and handkerchiefs are combined with anything, and often even become a hair accessory, belt or bag.
Parisians joke that the Russian and Japanese tourists are easily identifiable in a crowd by wearing high heels. Despite the abundance of gorgeous shoes in the shop Windows, in the daily life of the French cost comfortable shoes without a heel. Women prefer flat shoes, worn with jeans and dresses (sometimes together with dress, jeans or pants, ballet flats). Summer flip-flops or flip-flops, of course, not the beach, and the street. This fashion is caused by the convenience: Paris - a great city to walk on it in heels gets tired quickly, especially in the historic centre, paved.
As in most European cities, Paris all have been already moved to the comfortable clothes from natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, at a certain level of wealth, silk and cashmere. As a rule, the everyday style of Parisians - shirts, shirts or dresses quiet tones of beige and gray tones, with some bright accent in a red scarf, or purple handbag. The pretentiousness here is not tolerated, so things thickly strewn with glitter, sequins, gold or silver tones in Paris .