You will need
  • grinding machine;
  • - chisel;
  • - spatula;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - stepladder;
  • respirator;
  • glasses;
  • - gloves;
  • - putty;
  • - primer.
For removing glue from the ceiling, use with a grinding machine with sand paper or grinder, securing a special drive. This work is quite dusty, so open all the Windows and doors, wear a respirator, goggles and gloves.
To dust less, moisten the entire surface of the ceiling with clean water. The glue is impossible to impregnate at once, so liberally, rinse it several times. Special tools allow you to cope with the cleaning of the surface fast enough. If the ceiling tile was glued on a cement slab, to conduct additional sealer is not necessary. If you plan to spend a different finish, and not to stick the new tiles, level the surface with a special primer, give it time to dry completely and proceed with finishing.
Without special tools, use handy tools: chisel, wire brush, steel spatula. Remove the adhesive on the ceiling is very difficult, not only because it is quite firmly held, but also for the reason that just uncomfortable. If you attach to an iron spatula long handle, you don't have to constantly move the ladder to get to the next area of the ceiling. Almost the entire layer of glue you clean while on the floor without using a ladder.
With a spatula you will not be able to clean hard to reach places, so use a chisel. With the help of a chisel and a stepladder you be able to completely remove adhesive residue, cleaning the ceiling piece by piece, after which you can carry out the subsequent finishing.
Irregularities greater than 2 mm fill, if the drops on the ceiling after removal of the adhesive does not exceed 2 mm, just enough to Prime the surface in 2-3 layers, allow time to dry the primer within 48 hours and proceed to the subsequent finishing.