Contact your Bank and get to fill the blank of the appeal-a request for registration of the checkbook form number 896. This document can also be downloaded online on the website of any financial organization. Check with the employees of the Bank, what are the details of the company required to specify in the application which need to print and someone should put a signature on the application. Also find out how long the Bank will consider your request.
Complete the application form. It indicates the full name of the company and the date the form was completed. The text of the statement consists of a request to issue the company a certain number of checkbooks. Specify which checkbook you need (checking, cash, a limited or unlimited) and how much.
Complete the paragraph with the number of pages. It could be a number of 25 or 50 depending on the needs of the company. Next, enter the employee's data entrusted to the Bank in the checkbook, as a rule, the chief accountant of the company. Ascertain his signature and passport details. Sign the statement signature and seal of the head company.
Submit your completed statement to the Bank for consideration. Remember that it is valid for 10 days, so don't hold your checkbook registration.
Pay the fee to receive a checkbook. Payment must be made once irrespective of the terms of use of the books. It can be carried out at Bank branches and by removing a certain amount from the settlement account of the enterprise.
After the cheque book is issued, ask the employee of the Bank, which placed a limit on withdrawal of funds without notice. Each Bank sets this limit individually. After the checkbook runs out, it is necessary to obtain the new re-application and payment of a fee.