You will need
  • - ceramic tile
  • - plaster
  • - vinyl Wallpaper
  • - pieces of beautiful Wallpapers
  • - textiles
  • panels
  • - photos
  • - kitchen utensils
  • - decorative plates
  • - cans and bottles of beautiful forms
  • - decorative elements on the adhesive
The apron above the working area not only protects the wall from dirt, but also is a bright spot in the outfit of the kitchen walls. Lay out work area wall tiles. The tile can be in color or monochromatic. Use the paste from the tiles with a picture. If you do not want to lay tile, make a kitchen apron with decorative panels or tempered glass. Under tempered glass pokleit wall Wallpaper or textiles. The glass will protect the material from grime and fat droplets.
Looks good combination of different materials for the design of the walls. If all the walls are painted or covered with colored Wallpaper, dining area adorn the original Wallpaper with a large pattern or textured plaster. Use in the finishing of the kitchen vinyl Wallpaper, they are more durable. Contaminated areas can be cleaned with not only sponge, but a brush. Textured plaster cover with a special varnish that kept a tighter hold.
Decorate the walls with photographs with macro photos of fruit or vegetables. The photos can also be depicted rural or marine landscapes. Above the dining area, place the panels or original watches. Panels of natural elements you can make yourself. Use seashells, dried flowers, beautiful stones. Use for making home-made panels dry pasta, beans, peas. If you can sculpt, you can decorate kitchen pictures, is made of salt dough.
Fasten on the wall a small shelf on which you can install ceramic figurines, glass bottle beautiful shape. Bottles or cans complete variety of bulk materials. Place in a jar with layers of beans, peas, lentils, close the lid, close the top with a piece of cloth and tie it with ribbon.
Attach the wall hooks on which to hang a porcelain or ceramic plates, polished copper utensils, flowers in pots or flower arrangements. Bulk items must be on the move and be in harmony with the situation in the kitchen.