Use washable Wallpaper. They are available in two versions – duplex coated latex and vinyl. The first will not stand a thorough cleaning, simply wipe with a damp sponge. The material is designed for 15-20 of these cleanups.
Vinyl Wallpaper is the best fit for the walls of the kitchen, they have good moisture and abrasion resistance. Their surface often mimics other materials: plaster, stone, Mat, fabric, crumpled paper, tile, wood, marble and many others.
Look great on the kitchen wall for painting. They relief and are designed for repeated repainting. Allocate non-woven, fiberglass and linkrusta. Conduct themselves with dignity in terms of cuisine fiberglass. They differ in variety of patterns and textures, correcting surface flaws, very solid and durable.
All these Wallpapers paint specially designed for this means. It is better to choose material with a raised finish, or under several layers of wall paint are not so effective look. The basis for wallpapering should be smooth and dry - treat it with primer.
Modern paint is perfect for walls kitchens. It is easy and hassle-free to apply, looks great, easy to care for and durable. Use water-resistant with a high abrasion resistant materials. This acrylic and alkyd paints. Funds applied by brush and roller, and decorative effect and texture, you can give the walls with brushes or rollers patchwork.
Decorative structural coatings are more expensive than vinyl Wallpaper and paint, but look just great. They are very reliably simulate stone, patina, old plaster and other surfaces.
Tile or ceramic tile remains the most popular material for finishing the working wall in the kitchen. This is the easiest to clean, water resistant, durable surfacing material. Decorate all the walls entirely with tiles is not recommended, as this will make the room similar to a bathroom. Pick up material with a delicate pattern suitable for the kitchen.