You will need
  • - a copy of the decision about appointment of administrative punishment;
  • - copy of Protocol on administrative offense;
  • computer.
Making the text of the complaint, stick to the standard rules of writing such papers. In the upper right corner, specify the name of the authority to which you direct your complaint. Below, enter your name in the "Applicant". The line below write your home address and place of work. Then specify the name and number of the contested act, the date of its adoption and the chosen punishment. Add the name and address of the state body, as well as the official name, has made this decision.
Further, the entire width of the sheet write "Complaint against the decision on business about an administrative offense".
Below clearly and concisely state the nature of the events, showing the date and place of the incident resulting in the attraction you to administrative punishment. Explain on the basis of what law you were charged with penalties.
Then we present his version of events and making links to the laws, which, in your opinion, was disturbed by the pronouncement of the verdict, ask the court to cancel the proceedings.
Finished his complaint with a request to meet her (referring to a certain law), and the case № _ (indicate number) dated _ (insert date) to cease.
The complaint will submit the following documents: a copy of the decision in this case and a copy of the Protocol on administrative offense, and also the second copy of the complaint.
Submit a complaint to the referee or official of the authority who issued it. If the document is not served in court, and the person in charge, it is obliged within 3 days from the day of receipt of the complaint, send it with accompanying materials of the case the appropriate authority, a court or a higher authority.
If you wish to appeal the decision, keep in mind that the complaint may be filed not later than ten days from the day of delivery of a copy of the document. If you are appointed administrative punishment in the form of administrative arrest or the administrative expulsion, the complaint must be sent to a higher court in day of its receipt.