Before proceeding to the creation and design of the room, glaze and insulate the balcony, level floors, and most importantly, make sure that all these actions you will not exceed the permissible load on the floor.
Consider the heating of a future room in the cold season. Make it to the balcony Central heating radiators, of course, will not work. So you will either need to install a separate electric heater or use the Underfloor heating system.
If your balcony faces the noisy highway, will install it on Windows with increased sound insulation. To protect the future of the room from the prying eyes of residents of neighboring houses, you can use heavy curtains or shutters blinds.
Fans of indoor plants can make a balcony into a small garden – cozy corner of living nature, which is always nice to be. For placing pots with flowers on the walls of the balcony hang durable neat shelves of various sizes, and in one corner put the elegant rack.
Turn your balcony into a summer terrace, and you will be able to happily relax whenever you want without leaving your city apartment. The optimum set of furniture for the terrace – a table and some chairs or small armchairs. Do not forget about the permissible load on the floor. Choose the light furniture, such as wicker or plastic.
The most practical solution to the use of the balcony is turning it into a working room. If you love to write poems, sew, knit, or draw, a small room reserved just for these lessons, definitely will not be superfluous. Place on a balcony a work Desk, comfortable chair, cupboards and shelves for storing tools and other useful items, if need be, make the wiring connections.
Which room you redo the balcony, only you can decide. This can be a study, a gym, library, and bedroom and even kitchen.