If the parrot there was a blockage of the intestines, he observed the frequent urge for bowel movement, parrot not sleeping and constantly nakajimaya. Usually this is due to the large number of poor quality and fatty foods in the diet of birds. Treatment: add in feed finely chopped greens, and let's pipette, 3-4 drops of castor oil.
лечить попугая
If the parrot frequent water bowel movements, stop the flow of green water bird boiled water, to which add a little potassium permanganate, let's rice porridge or congee.
как вылечить попугая без врача
If the parrot becomes inflamed and swollen eyelids, mucous membranes of the eyes, appear purulent discharge from the eyes, paralysis of wings and legs is a deficiency. Treatment: let the parrot carrot, greens, fish oil, egg yolk, sprouted grains.
как лечить попугая от простуды
When uric acid diathesis from parrot's beak grow around the dry yellow-grayish brown. Treatment: enrich the diet of poultry protein, mineral feed and vitamins, let him drink mineral water.
лечение попугаев от клеща
If the parrot industry's beak and claws using sharp scissors cut them so as not to hurt the blood vessels. If it does this happens, coat the claw with iodine. Let the bird fresh towering mountain ash, lime or other tree branches soft rocks, so the parrot to grind down the beak and claws naturally.
как просто
If you have a parrot , malliaros (a disease caused by insects-lice): the bird itching, loss of feathers, anxiety, weight loss, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, RUB dry camomile (in powder form) in the plumage of a bird or make lotions from chamomile. If parasites are too much, repeat the procedure a few times, spray the feathers dry grape wine. After all the procedures disinfect the cage.
If the parrot there are small ticks in the form of a spongy gray-green growths around the beak and on the head and eyelids, disinfect the cage, brush growths Peruvian balm, and repeat the procedure for 2-3 days.Sometimes the parrot is the exposure of the body and head due to the lack of sunlight. In this case, the bird needs the sun, first for 10 minutes, and gradually increase their duration to 40-60 minutes. Do not keep parrot is too long in the sun otherwise it can get sunstroke.