What you are grieving about your dead pet is natural and understandable. Such emotions do you credit, after all, a callous and indifferent person would not have to worry about the death of the animal. However, inspire yourself: what happened, happened. Nobody lives forever, every living creature has their time. Convince yourself: if you're too hard and too long to grieve, the animal is still not resurrected, but your health may deteriorate.
Think about it: you loved your cat, cared for him. You fed well, played with him, treated when he was sick. You don't blame yourself. Think how fortunate was your favorite, lived in fullness, warmth and contentment, compared with homeless cats, which, alas, very much. They would have envied. Your pet lived a happy life. This thought can ease your grief.
Try to remove out of sight everything that reminds you of a cat. The Mat on which he loved to sleep Board, scratching post, bowls for his food and drink. To throw them, perhaps, not worth it, because you are quite unable in the future to get a new cat, just hide somewhere far away. On the top shelf of the closet or the far corner of the loggia.
Pay much attention to the work, find a new hobby. When a person is something truly busy, painful thoughts rarely come into his head.
Some people who find themselves in your position, trying to numb emotional pain and feeling of emptiness, almost immediately after the death of a pet bring home a new kitten. Consider whether to do so. There nobody can advise and specify. If you think that it would be better – get. It is possible that a new pet will dispel your sorrow. If the thought of it seems to you unacceptable, akin to a betrayal of the dead pet – until the refrain. And after a while, when the pain of the loss subsides a bit, will lessen, once more consider this question.