Start with reducing the number of breastfeeding, leaving the morning and evening. During the day, try to switch the attention to something more fun, as sometimes the child may ask for the breast, not because hungry, but simply out of habit.
Hardest not to feed the baby at night because many children used to fall asleep with the breast. Feed your baby at night more tightly, so he did not require the chest due to hunger. The process of weaning the individual at the time, be prepared for the fact that first, the baby may fuss and cry.
Do not try to replace milk, compote or juice as an alternative is suitable only for clean water. To the sweet juice children adjust very quickly, and a peaceful night's sleep you can forget.
Having made the decision to stop feeding, be strong. If occasionally to meet the requirements of the child, the process will extend indefinitely and will be more painful for both of its participants.
Keep in mind that in the period of teething, during illness or in the heat of summer to stop feeding is not recommended, as it will be an additional stress for the child.
The less is the attachment to the breast, the faster stop lactation and breast feeding will be completed in a natural way.
For children under the age of two years, which is already possible to negotiate, there is another traditional method is to smear Breasts with green paint and tell them she was sick. Sometimes this method works, as appetite such a sight is not easy.
The most radical way to end breast feeding is to be away from home for a few days, entrusting the care of close relatives. But this method is not too good for the child's mind, as suddenly the kid changes the whole way of life: he loses and milk, and mom. It is far better to wean the baby gradually.