If you want a nice place operating aquarium, don't put it on the table. Interesting and unusual solution would be to use him as a table. Buy appropriate size glass table and put it under the aquarium, so get fashionable and stylish design. The shape of the aquarium thus must match the table design.
Place the aquarium in the wall. If the room there are niches, there's nothing better to fill them than to put a glass bowl with colorful beautiful fish and interesting algae. In the upper part of the niche is necessary to make illumination necessary for the existence of fish.
Use it as a partition in the room. A sufficiently large aquarium nicely divide the room into two parts, even if it is put on the stand. And admire it will be possible from two rooms.
Spread the flowers in it. Do not dispose of the empty aquarium, because it can be used as a decorative element, such as a flower pot. Particularly well suitable for this purpose the fishbowl. Put plants in it the same principle as in conventional pots. Only the layer of drainage should be thorough in 3-5 cm, and in the ground you may need to add perlite or crushed charcoal, which is a preventive measure against mildew and rot. Plant pick, miniature and slow-growing.
Fishbowl use also as a vase for flowers that have a short leg and look beautiful in a bouquet. For this purpose, suitable chamomile, freesia or peonies.
Outline the aquarium with beautiful stones, shells and insert interesting artificial plant. And, you can pour it colored soil of different layers, to make illumination, thereby obtaining an interesting decoration piece.