To run the management console in different ways. Go to "control Panel" and open by double clicking the left mouse button expand "administrative tools". Then double-click on the icon "computer Management".
To access the remote computer, right-click on the icon "computer Management" in the left side of the console, and under "All tasks" select "connect to another computer". Click "Browse" in the window "Select:" Computer, specify the user name or network name of the computer, which want to receive.
You can start the console using the icon "My computer". Click the right mouse button and select in the drop down menu the option "Manage".
Open the console "computer Management" from the command line. To do this, use the shortcut Win+R or select Run from the menu "start". Type compmgmt.msc.
If you want to get command line access to control a remote computer, use the following command format:
compmgmt.msc /comp_name or compmgmt.msc /comp_IP where comp_name is the network name of the remote computer comp_IP – its network address.
The file compmgmt.msc is in the folder C:\Windows\system32. You can find it by using the command "Find" in the menu "start". In the drop-down menu, select the section "Files and folders", click on the link in the left part of the window and enter in the corresponding field the name of the file compmgmt.msc.
In the field "Search in" drop list, and select "Local disk C:" to Specify additional search options: "Search system folders" and "Browse subfolders". Click "Search". When the right side of the search result displays the file name of the management console, double-click it. Window opens management console.