The children love the fresh air. Go to the nearest Park where there are rides and playgrounds. Swings, slides, cotton candy, and riding on the carousel – and your child will be happy. Start some outdoor game: skipping rope, playing catch or throw each other "flying saucer". Go to the pond and feed the ducks.
Rent a bike or roller skates and explore the surroundings. This active rest will provide you a charge of vivacity and good mood. When knurled, arrange a small picnic or have lunch in the summer cafe.
Go to the zoo and communication with animals has a very beneficial effect on children. Together, observe the inhabitants of the zoo and briefly talk about each animal. Bring your camera and capture the encounter with the world fauna.
If it's rainy weather, take care of joint creativity. Sculpt clay, draw, make out of LEGO fairytale castles and modern cars. In case of bad weather have in stock a few new coloring books and sets for children's creativity. Parasites pillows, arrange comic fight and hand the trophy to the winner. Play Association: "guess who?" The theme of the game choose cartoon or fairytale characters.
With older children go to the cinema, exhibition, sports match or entertainment center. Go to the water Park, with slides and acetates nakopiteli in pleasure. Water can be incredibly relaxing and relieves stress, and good mood you will be provided.
The most important thing is communication with the child. Ask him about school news, Hobbies and successes. Tell each other some funny stories. Children must understand that parents love them and they can be not only interesting and fun, but also to talk on various topics.