The mode of the day

Mood and behavior of children is largely determined by the health. Not enough sleep and a tired baby will be cranky or extremely excited, and therefore poorly managed. Save NAPs and quiet activities in the morning.


Any occasion for a child, it's a huge amount of sweets. Not only the holiday, but at least during its preparation and fees after the vote. “How delicious!” — will tell the kids. “How unwholesome, fast carbs!” — will frown nutritionists. For child table, in addition to sweets, you can make cute sandwiches, fruit skewer, and in the morning and in the afternoon to give preference to the usual dishes: soup, porridge, etc.


Coming up with games and contests, consider the age and interests of children. Will be too easy — the guys are upset (“Oh, it's for kids!”), too complex — bored. In addition, mobile games should alternate with quiet. And well, if there is no pronounced competitive jobs. They always end in tears and resentment of the losers.

Plan B

One cannot foresee everything. Just yesterday someone from the family (or guests) can get sick. Children can fall out during the game, holiday cookies — to burn or not to stick together in a house and the scenario to fail. Keep a few win-win options simpler and small gifts for everyone.