You will need
  • - banknotes of 5000, 1000, 500 rubles;
  • - magnifier;
  • - coin.
Bill shake near your ear. This method will determine the quality of the paper on which you can distinguish fake money. Counterfeit banknote will be muffled whisper, that time, bill real paper – literally "booming".
Carefully wet part of the banknote, which seemed suspicious to you. Use the place where there is paint. If the bill is real, then nothing will happen. The fakes are not able to use waterproof paint, so your toes will be painted in the color of the banknote.
Look carefully at the room, we offer you bills. Paint with which it is applied, made by special technology and firmly deposited on the paper. When numbers and letters are visible and in one place there is no dye – the banknote is fake.
Fold the bill in that place, where is the serial number (even if it is unhurt to check). Slide your fingernail or a coin on the fold line. Have fake banknotes paint will begin to flake off. The real money in this manipulation will remain intact.
View bill up to the light. At the same time pay attention to the perforation – small holes, indicating the denomination of the bill. They are running a special laser. From a counterfeiter, such equipment is missing, they use a thin needle, the quality of the holes which is markedly different (there are rough edges, of the paper on which mohrytsia; holes positioned with unequal intervals). This time you can also check with feelings money real will have a smooth perforated fake – convex.
Look closely at the protective metallic thread. The original banknote, in the place where the thread intersects with the figure, paint the figures painted over the metal parts. Counterfeiters are not able to perform this operation, therefore, their bills shiny rectangle overlaps the fragment unit (for example, on the banknote 1000 rubles).