Made criminals bills are sometimes unable to distinguish from the real thing even Bank employees. What you should pay attention to not end up with a fake bill on your hands? First of all, on the quality of the paper. Used for the printing of paper money to buy it. Take a new bill, slightly remember her in my arms. Listen with crunch, which she makes to a tactile sensation. Remember all the nuances. If you are in the hands of a counterfeit bill, you may be able to identify it for non-compliance of the paper original.
All other ways of determining fakes is much less relevant, as they require careful consideration of the banknote. But this happens only if you suspect the possibility that it is false. First of all, pay attention to micro-perforation on the bills of high denomination. It is made with a laser, so it has a flat, smooth edge. Swipe perforations with your finger and note the sensation. Criminals typically counterfeited perforation by puncture, and the holes have rough edges.
Pay attention to watermarks. Remember that these watermarks have more dark areas against a General background of the bill and a lighter. Remember the picture of the watermark on the banknotes of different denominations.
Some people an important sign of the authenticity of the bills I think the embossed font of the label "TICKET BANK of RUSSIA". It is a misconception that criminals have learned to forge the element of protection. Therefore, its presence cannot be the guarantee of authenticity of banknotes.
Examine the emblem of the Bank of Russia, made of optically variable paint. When you tilt the real bills logo changes color. Counterfeiters can't reproduce this protection, so their bills paint changes color but not the color. It should be remembered that the new banknotes in denominations of 1000 rubles the emblem is made green paint and the color does not change.
Inspect metallic thread – it should be into the paper, then disappearing, then appearing with one hand. On the opposite side of the thread there. Thus the lumen of the filament should look like a solid dark stripe. Primitive fakes thread is simulated by gluing strips of foil to the light, this "thread" looks ragged. On the quality of the counterfeit criminals, the copy protection element, sticking a bill of two layers of paper.
If the bill inspires suspicion, fold it in half and slide the bend nails. The fakes are printed on a laser printer, the dye is unstable and will fade on the fold. Such fakes are usually printed on smooth paper, so they are fairly easy to identify.