So, you are full of sorrow over nedozagruzheny file. If you use browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.), look in the browser tab, the Downloads section, find nedozagruzheny file from the list, click on the "Continue loading" (in Mozilla and Opera it looks like a triangle on the Play button). The download will continue if the file was saved in the cache memory.
If your network is poorly configured and is often the connection breaks, there is an optimal solution – use a download Manager. This software to download files from the Internet and local network, with advanced features: uploading file limit of download speed, and set up a download queue, break it up into multiple threads, thus increasing the download speed.
There are several free programs that are readily available for download in the Internet, for example, ReGet and Download Master. To proceed the download, select a file, click right mouse button, in context menu click "resume download". If you are downloading from sharing services, such as Letitbit, there are dynamic links. Go again, get the download link, copy, open nedokachennyh file, in the "properties" paste the link, the download will continue from the place of separation.
Similar scheme is working in your torrent client such as µTorrent. The file is downloaded from multiple hosts (seeds), and then distributed. If you save traffic, can limit the upload speed, and after downloading to get away from the hand. For resume upload you just need to run the torrent client. If you stop the download yourself, to continue click "Continue" ("Start torrent").