You will need
  • ОС Windows 7.
If the desktop has not become one or several gadgets, try to restore their reactivation. To control a standard set of mini-apps in Windows is a separate component, which can be run from the "control Panel". Open the main menu and select the OS in the right column of the item with the name of the panel and in the opened window click on "appearance and personalization". The following dashboard page, click "Add gadgets to the desktop" under "desktop Gadgets".
In the opened window with icons set of gadgets, select the gadget. To restore it from displaying on the desktop, you can either drag and or click the icon with the right button and selecting "Add" from the context menu.
List of gadgets may be empty, if they were removed from the desktop the wrong way - "Delete" from the context menu icons for mini-apps. In this case you have to restore a set of gadgets. Fortunately, it is very simple. As described in the first step of the page "Toolbar" near the link "Add gadgets to the desktop" and "Restore desktop gadgets installed by Windows" - select it and the OS will re-fill the list of pre-installed gadgets.
If your desktop is gone all the gadgets, and not one or more, check if you have turned it to show in the GUI settings. To do this, open the context menu of the desktop - right click the mouse on the background image. The top item in the "View" menu opens a sub section in which there is a "Show desktop gadgets". Check the checkboxes in front of this line, and if it is not, select this item.