This can be a problem, as the child might be offended, even on something that is not worth paying attention to. Some parents begin to praise your child, some leave things as they are, could only exacerbate the situation. This article is for parents who really want to help your child.

To help, you need to know what are the causes of the offense:

  • Rejection in the team. The child needs attention, he wants to be part of a team, to participate in events but will not receive it. This may cause for resentment.
  • The child may resent teasers, nicknames, etc., for example, the parents, as a joke, as it is called, and the child took seriously.

Baby trying to manipulate parents using their offense. In such a situation, most of the parents behaves incorrectly. They start to regret and to praise their child and it only worsens the situation.

To the child it was easier to live in the future, it is better to teach him not to hold it in and not accumulate a negative offense. Should allow the child to talk, to explain what he feels. This will help the child learn how to Express their opinions and emotions and to get rid of negativity.

In any case it is impossible to compare your child with other children. If you constantly tell a child that someone better, someone who behaves better, produces the best results and things like that, you can raise a child unsure of himself.