Electricity can be produced using wind energy. It is known that the winds arise in the Earth's atmosphere under the influence of electromagnetic radiation of the Sun. They have huge energy potential. Small wind turbine, you can create even at home, it needs blades and a Converter of mechanical energy torsion of the blades into electricity. To get the maximum energy, wind farms are built in coastal areas where winds blow constantly.
In second place in the renewable energy sector are of a geothermal plant. They are in places where the activity of the hot springs, the most high, converting pours their energy into electricity. These stations have a high efficiency (coefficient of performance) than wind, and more reliable in terms of uninterrupted delivery of energy. Unfortunately, they are even more bound geographically to a certain area.
No one is surprised miniature solar panels in modern calculators. Now you can even buy solar panels for charging, for example, a cell phone or flashlight in the campaign. In tropical countries even advisable to install solar panels on the roof of the house, but overall it's a pretty expensive technology for individual consumers. In some countries the government subsidizes the installation of solar panels for individuals with the condition that the surplus energy fed into a common grid.
Environmentalists are lobbying for the use of bio-energy. Burning of household garbage, waste, farmers can be not only a source of energy, but also provide useful by-products: fertilizer and gas. Here only to conduct such burning is necessary for special technology. While this method has not received wide support of the power companies, although it could simultaneously help to solve the problem of waste disposal.