Arrange General cleaning. Disassemble the mezzanine, cabinets and lockers, sideboards, bedside tables. This way you will not only get rid of deposits of dust, but also get an idea about the availability and range of your stock trinkets, old equipment and appliances, dishes and clothes.
Collect all this stuff in a pile and sort. For each unit of "reserves" (the old toaster, my grandmother's hand grinder, a set of enameled pots and photo printer donated by friends for the wedding day) decide as what categories to include:

a good thing, the farm will ever come in handy;
- memory of some event/person;
- the thing is beautiful, a pity to throw away;
- that my parents used, means I will need.
Get rid of things (clothes, toys, old furniture, appliances and other things) belonging to the first category if for 1.5-2 years anywhere in your household and any family member they are not useful. Can not throw, but, say, to give to friends who will definitely use these things, or to give to a charitable organization.
Disassemble things from the second category and decide do you really need in a Studio apartment, a monument, donated in memory of friends once a sculptor or enough of it, of the sculptor, photos. The monument, however, can not be thrown away but put in the country, for example, as a garden gnome. No blasphemy and insults the memory of the giver will not be there.
Revise your collection of beautiful ornaments. Of course, there is a chance that they will become Antiques and are sold by your descendants for crazy money. Now imagine how much this chance is great, but at the same time think about how much time you have spent on weekly removal of dust with these cute knick-knacks and under them. And how much useful space they occupy!
Go to the fourth category: "parents enjoyed, and suddenly I want". Your memory is playing a cruel joke with you. You remember how in the was a hand mixer, but forget that in those days the electric was not. Or do you seriously believe that tomorrow can happen the end of the world and you left without electricity, will be forced to whip the cream antiquated way? Follow the rule concerning the things from the first paragraph: all that need you for 1.5 years, goes in the trash or in "good hands" (friends or found on the Internet).
Eliminate the deposits of old clothes. Of course, a pity to throw away a once-favorite blouse, comfortable jeans. Something particularly valuable (fur, silk, handmade lace), pre-canned, to keep and something to adapt as loungewear or country. The rest should go into the trash or to charity, in order not to clutter your living space.
Take a look. How much lighter energetically and physically cleaner, more comfortable was your home once you have cleared it from the trash. You want again to turn it into a kind of French barricades? If not, then get yourself a useful habit – before buying new things to ask yourself questions about how you need it, how often, and what you want to use it and, most importantly, where will store. Because in this world too many things, and there is no point in even trying to collect at home all.