You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
After you launch Adobe Photoshop and load the desired document, turn on a selection tool oval region. If the previous allocations were used is it, to re-enable sufficient pressing with the Latin letter M. If you previously used the default rectangular variation of this tool, hover your mouse on the second button in the toolbar, press the left button and hold it for a few seconds. This will open a list attached to the button options of the tool - "select the line Tool Oval marquee".
Move the mouse pointer to the upper-left corner of future selection. This is not a point that will lie on the border of the oval, it should fit horizontally, the leftmost point of the ellipse, and the vertical - the highest point. If you define this place "by eye" is difficult, turn on the display horizontal and vertical rulers (Ctrl + R), grid (Ctrl + e) or draw guides - hover over one of the rulers, press Alt and while holding the left button and draw a vertical or horizontal line. For greater accuracy can be the same way to celebrate and rightmost point of the allocated region.
Move the cursor while pressing the left mouse button from top left to bottom right points selected in the previous step. When you release the button, the size of the oval will be fixed, but you can move it using the navigation keys - the arrow keys or the mouse. Strictly oval shape of the selected region can be changed to tilt, rotate, reduce, distort, etc. To do this, open the menu section "Select" and select "Transform selected area". Then click inside the oval, right-click and select the context menu one of more than a dozen variants of transformation. Changes the allocation method selected produce by moving the mouse nodal points on the frame around the oval.
After graduating with a formation region of the selection highlight in the layers panel you need and press Ctrl + X or select "Cut" under the "Edit" menu of Photoshop.