You will need
  • - suitable picture in computer files or on the Internet;
  • add - in Insert Pictures, installed on your computer.
Open a spreadsheet (Excel file). To insert a picture in a group of merged cells, on the toolbar, MS Excel 2003-2007, click on the "Insert" tab and then "picture". In MS Excel 2003 in addition, select "From file". Select the photo you want and hit "Paste". Resize the pasted image and move it if necessary.
Insert the part of the image using any program for viewing and editing type IrfanView or Photoshop. Open the photo of which you want to insert. Select what you need and hit "Copy" on the toolbar or Ctrl+C.
Then open the Excel file and press Ctrl+V or by clicking the cell with the right mouse button, select "Paste". Click on the picture, right-click and select "Format picture". Next, click on "Properties" and check the box next to "Move and change object together with cells".
Take a picture of the background of the cells. To do this, click on the picture, right-click and select "Format picture" and then "Properties". Now mark points "to Move and change object together with cells or Move, not resize".
If you know how to use CorelDraw, then open the program. Create a new canvas Ctrl+N and set its size. Then Ctrl+I to import the photo onto the canvas. If necessary, edit it or change. Open the Excel file. Click the object (picture) once it needs to stand out. Hold down the left mouse button, drag the object to a file. In the appeared menu choose "Copy as CorelDRAW". The picture will be inserted in the file.
Insert a picture from the Internet. Click on the picture, right-click and select "Copy image address". Please note that the address must end in a graphical format .jpg, .png .gif or another. Open the Excel file and click "Insert"→ "picture"→ "From file". In the field "file Name" insert the address of the photo. Click "Paste". Change the position and size of pictures if necessary.
Use the special add-on Insert Pictures. Download the archive ("Add-InsertPictures...") and extract the files. Open the file with permission .xls, with will load a blank Excel file. If necessary, agree to enable macros.
After that, open the file names of images, for example, файл_для_обработки.xls. Simultaneously hold down the Ctrl+Shift+L in Excel file. Select the form that shows the path to the folder that contains the pictures. Set the size of the cells that you want, and select the worksheet with the file name of the first cell. Specify the column number to insert the picture. Press the green button. Photo to be inserted.