Advice 1: How to return the money for the subscription

A subscription is a convenient form of payment. It and activity, and a visit is cheaper than a one-off. However, often life circumstances are such that temporarily visit the place where you bought the subscription fails. In this regard, the first question that arises is: "how can you return money for unused subscription?"
How to return the money for the subscription
First and foremost, you need to speak directly to the staff of the club, Solarium, fitness center, etc. In the case that none of the visits subscription has not been made, it is considered unused and can be accepted by the school back. The money should return. For this you need to write the application addressed to the head of the organization with which you were going to cooperate. Specify the reason why you have to change plans. Usually, this health problem or moving to another city or country. Attach to your application supporting documents - a doctor's certificate or paper confirming the move. Money you must return.
If the subscription you have already started to use, but unable to continue, and in this case to return the money you can. According to article 32 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights", you are obliged to transfer back the money for unused services. The amount of compensation the institution will calculate on your own rates. However, if you do not agree with the amount, you can challenge it in court.
To refuse subscription you can and not only in those cases where real and for objective reasons unable to obtain the paid services. The legislation provides for the refusal of service and receive back money in the case if you just changed your mind or found a place with more acceptable conditions. In this case, also based on your statement you are obliged to return money for the ticket.
If you get money from places you can't get involved in the trial do not want, and the amount of the refund to you unimportant, you can just resell your ticket to another person. To do this you need to come with a buyer in the institution in which you have a subscription and renew it for another person. In some cases, for this procedure you may be asked to pay.
Useful advice
If you refuse to refund, ask for the appropriate paper, which will be recorded in writing the reason for refusal. This paper will be your support in trial.

Advice 2: How to buy a ticket for the lecture at the Tretyakov gallery

The state Tretyakov gallery – the world famous art Museum, which is the richest collection of Russian paintings and ancient icons. In the gallery is part of a complex of buildings in Lavrushinsky lane near the metro station "Tretyakov" and on Krymsky Val, near the metro station "Park of culture". In addition to the main profile of their activities – demonstration of works of art to Muscovites and guests of the capital, the gallery conducts lectures and educational work.
How to buy a ticket for the lecture at the Tretyakov gallery

In the season 2012 – 2013 visitors to the gallery are offered a choice of the program, consisting of 38 passes, each of which includes the opportunity to attend multiple lectures on topics that are most interesting to the audience. For example, a subscription "a brief history of Russian art" will include lectures on the development of Russian culture from the XI century until the present day.

Any listener may choose the most suitable program of lectures, entertainment, popular scientific format, to in-depth, serious study. There is a special lecture programme for students of middle age and for parents with children. This season in the list of subscriptions includes a new program - "meet the expert". Its listeners are told in detail about the features of the professions of Museum workers, as well as on various art problems.

Lectures take place either in the lecture hall gallery at Lavrushinsky lane, 12, 1st floor Engineering building or in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the same housing, or in the conference hall on the Crimean Val (Krimsky Val, 10, 3rd floor). Selling season tickets and group formation is done twice a year – in may and November. Thus, people who had not purchased season tickets but plan to attend lectures in February, March and April next year, will have to buy a season ticket for next November. If visitors wish to attend lectures in September-October of the current year, they can do so by purchasing a subscription cost 900 rubles (500 rubles – sightseeing tour + entrance fees to the gallery).

To purchase season tickets is possible at the tour Desk of the State Tretyakov gallery (Lavroushinsky lane, 10, main entrance). All the necessary information can be received by phones: (495) 953-52-23 and (495) 957-07-82.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and claims it is also necessary to remember that adults wishing to accompany their children to lectures, need to purchase entrance tickets and the lecture, missed a season ticket holder for any reason for which the gallery is not repeated.

Advice 3: How to find lost money home

Often people lose money in own house. In fact, there may be two options: either they forget the place where you put them, or someone misappropriated the money. In any case, you need to be thorough and search to find them.
How to find lost money home
Assemble, first, all your family members. First, it alone will be difficult to search bills. Secondly, you need to make sure that your roommates could not be involved in the loss of money. So, take a piece of paper and a pen. Then make a list of all the possible places in the house where you can lie bills.
Get familiar with the chronology of the loss of money. Remember and record the places in the house where you could hide (put) money. It would be nice to write the exact date of these transactions. Remember, where you could take that money and spend it. In many cases, people simply in the inertia take pending bills and sent them on an urgent matter. Maybe in your case the same thing happened.
Recalculate several times all their savings and ask others to do the same. It all depends on the honesty of your roommates. In the process of this review, there is a great likelihood to figure out whether you lost money or did someone take. If that doesn't work, start organized a search around the house.
Check all shelves, folders, Newspapers, magazines, paper and books. This is the most common place where I could drop the bills. Often they can be between the pages of books are on the coffee table. Also, the money can be in documents: a passport, a ticket, a pass, etc.
Almost search the whole house, looking even in places where they might not even be in your opinion. Look under the carpets, flooring, beds, in corners and in pockets of clothing. Search for until, until you find it. If you could not do, then there are 2 options: either you are not correctly counted their savings, or they took the one who could penetrate into your home space.
Try some of the capital to keep the Bank account or the purse payment systems, that is, in the electronic currency. It is very convenient and practical method which is quite popular now.
Useful advice
Keep a diary of income and expenses. Write to him all the operations that you conducted with money lately. Start to establish a relationship with living in the house people. This is necessary in order to continue to hide from each other the money.

Advice 4: Should the guy give the girl the money

Men have long had to provide for his family, but now, because of women's emancipation, the girl of steel support themselves and even their children.
Should the guy give the girl the money

Guy, girl and their costs

Some girls believe that if they meet with a young man, he has to give the other half the money. Actually, this is not the right thought. The fact that the guy can actually pay the bill in a cafe or restaurant, tickets to a concert or to the cinema. In General, he shall bear the expenses for visits with his lovely lady. However, this does not mean that the young man is obliged to pay for the clothing of his favorite women, beauty salons, fitness clubs, gyms, solariums, hair removal and other services. Girls have to do to earn money to look attractive.

As for Dating, even in those cases women can do to pay not only for himself, but for her boyfriend that if they themselves initiated the visit of an institution.

Husband, wife and their costs

If we consider the relationship not of lovers young people whose relationships have just begun to develop, and to appeal to families, can come to completely different conclusion. When the husband works and the woman does daily chores, raising children, cooking dinner, maintaining the home clean and tidy, creating a homey, family atmosphere, and for the work she has neither the time nor the energy, the husband is obliged to give the money. This is true not only of household expenditure (purchase of foodstuffs, medicines, stationery goods, household products, furniture and interior, household appliances, etc.), and expenses for personal needs of the fair sex. These include a Solarium, Spa salons, hairdressing services, manicure and pedicure, visiting beautician, massage therapist, memberships at fitness centers, gyms, buying cosmetics, personal hygiene products, and clothing and much more.

If the woman doesn't bother with domestic duties, has its own source of income and all the household chores performs along with his spouse, he may not give her money for expenses that relate only to her personal needs. It can allocate money just for General family needs, the wife's contribution to family budget, too, is not ruled out. However, I can't speak specifically about whether that man, or whether something woman. It all depends on the relationship between two people, because every family has its own rules and regulations.
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