First and foremost, you need to speak directly to the staff of the club, Solarium, fitness center, etc. In the case that none of the visits subscription has not been made, it is considered unused and can be accepted by the school back. The money should return. For this you need to write the application addressed to the head of the organization with which you were going to cooperate. Specify the reason why you have to change plans. Usually, this health problem or moving to another city or country. Attach to your application supporting documents - a doctor's certificate or paper confirming the move. Money you must return.
If the subscription you have already started to use, but unable to continue, and in this case to return the money you can. According to article 32 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights", you are obliged to transfer back the money for unused services. The amount of compensation the institution will calculate on your own rates. However, if you do not agree with the amount, you can challenge it in court.
To refuse subscription you can and not only in those cases where real and for objective reasons unable to obtain the paid services. The legislation provides for the refusal of service and receive back money in the case if you just changed your mind or found a place with more acceptable conditions. In this case, also based on your statement you are obliged to return money for the ticket.
If you get money from places you can't get involved in the trial do not want, and the amount of the refund to you unimportant, you can just resell your ticket to another person. To do this you need to come with a buyer in the institution in which you have a subscription and renew it for another person. In some cases, for this procedure you may be asked to pay.