You will need
  • - almond or olive oil;
  • - Terry towel;
  • - cotton scarf;
  • flat pillow for sleeping;
  • creams and serum with lifting effect.
If the second chin has appeared as a result of excess weight, consider a weight loss program. To drop those extra pounds gradually, otherwise instead of fat on neck you will get saggy loose skin. Drink plenty of water to skin during the diet retained its elasticity.
Learn exercises to strengthen the chin and neck. Make them at least twice a day, morning and evening, immediately after cleansing. Stretch your lips, lowering their tips. You will feel how tense the muscles of the neck. Pull lips, lock them in this position for 10 seconds and then relax them. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chin. In conclusion, rotate the head in different directions, tilt it backwards so that the muscles of the chin maximally tensed. Repeat each exercise 10-12 times.
In conclusion, apply on the palm of your hand moisturizer and smooth movements spread it on the neck and chin. Intensively Pat the back of the palms under the chin and facial contours while the cream is fully absorbed.
Dampen the towel with salt water. Lubricate the skin with almond or olive oil. Move in harness rolled towel under the chin. Dramatically stretch his arms and relax. Rolled fabric must strongly adhere to the skin, intensely massaging her. Repeat the procedure every night for 10 days, after which make a two-week break.
Autocyte yourself from the habit of sitting with his head bowed low. If you find it difficult to control yourself, try to tie up a chin a cotton scarf. Get rid of the high cushions, especially if you prefer to sleep on their backs. Train yourself to flat orthopedic pillow – it is useful not only for chin, but also for the spine.
Selecting means for skin care, pay attention to creams and serum with lifting effect. With a strong change of course, they fail, but to firm the skin and improve its tone may be able. Use creams courses, making between them a break in one or two months.
Therapeutic agent not help? Think about more drastic measures. Excision of excess fat and skin surgery is fairly straightforward. Deciding on it, consult a highly skilled surgeon. It is important that after surgery the skin left coarse scars. Success depends on the condition of the epidermis, characteristics of your body and the skill of the cosmetologist.