You will need
  • A sheet of paper, pen, books, aromatic oils, patience, willpower, soothing collection
Rate your attitude towards the partner. If you are suffering, it may not be love. Passion, sympathy – anything, but not love. It is important to acknowledge the urges that you take over such a high sense. To determine the cause of the pathological craving for the person who wants to get away from you.
Put your love story on paper. Describe the anguish and the trouble that followed her. At the end write: "It was in my life." Burn the sheet.
Start the day cheerfully. Don't let bad thoughts to consume you. Before bed you should drink an infusion of Valerian root and motherwort. Go to bed at a certain time.
Give more time to reading. However, avoid novels and poems about love. Heal guide book with examples of other people in a similar situation. The story needs to tell about the power of the spirit, overcome difficulties.
Learn, work, do everything to be proud of yourself. Help around the house. Let you praise and encourage.
Avoid meeting that person. Cut off the desire to talk to him or about him. Remember, true love is found.
Every day give yourself joy. Drink tea with fragrant natural ingredients. Instead of perfume, use scented oils that soothe the nerves. Going to bed, spray on linen a few drops of pine oil.
Think about that in the future you will find a bright and exciting feeling. However, do not associate it with a particular person. Life loves to give us gifts. Tomorrow, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to meet him. Be ready for it, throwing a bleak past. Reveling in his suffering, can not see the arrival of a new love.