You will need
  • - living room furniture.
Furnish room you need without cluttering it with unnecessary furniture, because you'll be taking guests there, and the festive feast will require sufficient space in the room. If you use the living room instead of the bedroom, think about where the day will remove personal belongings and a bed, so they do not create a sense of clutter and sloppiness.
First choose the Central halland around it, you'll build the interior of the room. Usually the center of attraction becomes the TV. Based on the model of your equipment, look for furniture for the installation. This can be a low Cabinet with side shelves or a special Department in the furniture wall. If you have a plasma TV hanging on the wall in a frame for the picture.
Now you need to ensure all family members comfortable seats in front of the TV. Definitely need a roomy couch (folding if he used as a bed) and a few chairs. If you have a large room, place the furniture is not along the walls and in the center of the room. In front of the sofa lay a stylish little Mat and place it on a low coffee table.
Long narrow living room, you can divide the sofa into two zones. This piece of furniture in this case, put a narrow shelf or a table the whole length of the back. Arrange on the shelves, framed pictures, vases and beautiful Souvenirs.
For a small roomand other options like placement of furniture along the walls, just no. Try using the wall with the window so as not to waste precious space. Choose a sofa with a low back and jot down the decorative pillows, then you don't close the window opening and leave the other walls free for higher placement of furniture.
If you have no other room for office, Desk or office (has a very compact stylish foldable model) put in the far corner of the room. Look for carved wooden screen, which will hide the working area and serve as a great decoration for the living room.
Wardrobe is very large and "heavy" piece of furniture, if you can do in halle without it, you better find him a place in the hallway or the bedroom. In the absence of other options, look for sleek, narrow model without mezzanines. Personal things are better folded into tables, which can be used as a shelf for Souvenirs.
If you have the room is a short blank wall, you can make it built in closet. As such it will not attract attention and will give you plenty of space to stash all the clothes and other things. The inner space of the Cabinet you choose, it from forming of racks, hangers, shelves and drawers.