Of course, as in any home, there needs to be a living room. You can arrange it in any style, ranging from classical and ending with the country style. Even the most courageous decisions in a country house will look decent and fascinating. The living room is the place the fireplace, very good electros, but, alas, they will not be crackling firewood, giving a sense of fairy tale.

To make a living room in country style, then the main decorative elements will be linen napkins, tablecloths and furniture covers. Wood perfectly accentuate the style, this can be walls to the ceiling, wooden frames for Windows, countertops, stools and floors. This style has many variations for experimentation.

Of course, the timeless design of the rooms in a classic style that is accompanied by a large amount of space and using natural materials. Style suitable for both the young and the elderly. Also there are different variations, which will give the living room a special explanation, invented by the owners.

Country style is perfectly combined with a classic that allows you to soft sofas add bright patterns embroidered with pillows and covers for the sconces. In a similar style be sure to take care about lighting, especially if the area is large and zoned. In this case, in addition to the main Central lighting around the perimeter add a small illuminating elements, which, depending on the need may Shine brighter or muted.

Also, if the living room is combined with kitchen, on the countertops, you can hang individual coverage that was clearly visible work area. Importantly, in this place all family members and guests to be comfortable and cozy.