You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - colors.
  • - PVA glue;
  • - semolina;
  • - decorations for confectionery products.
Some products are better to paint from memory, as to be models they cannot – melt! For example, tender balls of ice cream and ice cubes in a glass will quickly lose its shape. Remove the horn with a sweet cold dessert from the fridge... eat it. Pleasant taste sensations will help you to more precisely portray the product on paper.
Paper can take a color and draw with pastels and chalk, because their shades are so similar to the tone of ice cream. Also use gouache paint. On the basis of white color create your mouth-watering shades of pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, banana and orange ice cream. For this you need to put on the palette white gouache on the tip of the brush in the paint of another color.
First, sketch sketch. If nothing but ice cream in the picture will not think about his position on a sheet of paper. Cone cone figure draw a triangle, and a few beads of sweet treats - circles. To the picture turned out with the "character" draw the puddle of melted ice cream.
Mix white with a few drops of brown color to create a color close to the shade of Golden horn. Paint the triangle in the resulting paint. Balls of ice cream too stonerose colors you have chosen, they must be very bright.
When the paint is dry, to the bright colors on the palette, add a drop of basic colors to get darker shades. Them you will create volume. Dark make the contours of objects, that is away from the viewer. The horn will draw the grating grooves, not forgetting to give them a rounded shape.
Puddle will combine the colors of all balls of ice cream, smoothly flowing into each other.
You can make ice cream balls more realistic. First, paint the cone the same as in the first embodiment. The circles ice cream thickly apply the PVA glue. While the agent is not frozen scoop out a teaspoon of semolina and sprinkle gently on the treated glue.
If you have a set of decorations for confectionery products in the form of sparkly beads, stars and sticks, apply a few articles and press lightly with a toothpick. Wait a bit, allow the figure to dry thoroughly. Shake the paper to brush away excess grains. You can leave the picture like that, then you will get balls of ice cream, but you can paint ice cream with a soft brush, to avoid damaging the topping.