You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - paint.
The most important rule of a pedestrian to cross the road on "Zebra" the relevant light signal of the traffic light. This is what draw on a piece of paper. You can use the ruler to draw a straight street.
To clearly explain to the child how to properly cross the road, draw an intersection with traffic lights. With a ruler draw a track, the sidewalks and buildings. You can run without an auxiliary tool, as long as the kid's attention is not distracted due to the boring process. Comment on everything you do, ask them to tell you to engage children in work.
Draw traffic lights with three colored Windows, and a pointer to pedestrians below. A little childish, primitive draw cars on the road. Draw white stripes of the pedestrian crossing. Draw the stick figures that are on the sidewalk, facing the traffic light or go to "Zebra".
Your drawing must be colored, vivid and clear that the kid probably remember what he explained. Use for painting gouache or acrylic, they dry quickly and have a characteristic color. Mix black paint with white to get the color to fill the roads and sidewalks.
Make the house colorful and elegant, with white frames and bright flowers on the windowsills. Before applying the following picture, wait for drying of the previous layer of paint. Draw the split bar to show the flow of cars moving in different directions. Collect brush on the white paint, and paint the transition.
To help the child understand what the window at a traffic light burns broken at the moment - stroke colored pencils, and acting – gouache. The paint is much brighter than the pencils. Draw a walking green man before crossing, where pedestrians cross the road while cars are waiting.
Where the red man, figures of people standing on the sidewalk, and cars driving through the intersection. The color of the burning window traffic light, which stands sideways, pretend to be the rays of the corresponding shade coming from the running offices.
Your poster can be hung in the nursery that the child did not forget the rules of safety on the road.