Try to clearly and dispassionately assess personal skills, abilities, inclinations. It is hardly necessary to tackle the problem, which completely do not understand or do not feel interest.
Look around, analyze what is happening. Think about what's missing from the population. Let's say your region is home to many students. Can open the Agency to assist in solving problems, writing term papers, theses. Or in the city of high fertility and children's entertainment centers is not enough. Organize a Playground or come up with something new.
If nothing comes to mind, you can look for ideas in foreign businessE. To do this, visit sites where people share experiences, read international economic Newspapers.
Conduct market research: to start, talk to friends, relatives, colleagues. Your task is to determine how big the demand for the goods or services you want to offer. Find out what is the average cost of each transaction and what is the level of competition in this sphere of activity.
We estimate the potential profitability of the chosen business. It depends on many factors: the cost of goods or services, rental cost of premises, wage costs, transport, value of tax deductions. If the results of the calculations will be that the income will be small, consider whether to do any other kind of business.