Tie the handkerchief on the hand in different ways, but in any case, choose the product of small size, preferably of silk, chiffon, lace, Batiste and other fine fabrics. Very good for this purpose, suitable bandana.
Easy and simple way of tying – ring. This will spread to any surface the handkerchief face down, and fold it diagonally. You have a triangle. The corners of the shawl wrap to the base and continue to fold the scarf until then, until you have formed a thin strip, the width of which pick up so that your "bracelet" looked at the wrist harmoniously.
After the strip is rolled, put a hand on the back of the middle. Take one end of the strips and wrap them a few times. Rest the tip of the clamp in the palm of your hand. Then do the same with the other end of the bandage. Both tip tie a knot and put under the fabric. Try not to get too tightly wrapped around the scarf on your wrist in order not to violate the bloodstream. Yourself to do not very convenient, so if possible, ask someone to help you. However, after a few workouts tying is not difficult. Doing this option of tying a scarf, try to fold the strip so that the front side was a beautiful pattern.
Fold the scarf diagonally and then make him strip, wrapping it like a harmonica. Then gently, on the table, tie a knot in the hole you could stick your arm. When wearing a handkerchief on your wrist, tighten the knot, and "harmonica," a little spread, thick drape. The ends of the scarf to hide.
Motley, multicolored handkerchief, you can try to tie in the same way as in the previous embodiment, but the tip remains outside, tying their beautiful bundle. In this case, the knot will be on top, attracting the attention of others.
Knot a scarf can make a square, tightening it like an ordinary tie. To do this, tie a single knot, and then thread the ends again to make a small, neat knot. The remaining ends can be wrapped several times around the resulting "bracelet". If you the knot pull the ends of the scarf is not full, you can obtain a small bow.
Leaving the edges of the scarf longer, you can also take the form of a bow, wrapping the ends under the knot, and beautifully straightened the middle.
You can also fold the scarf vertically or horizontally, and then winding the strip on the wrist, the end of the scarf to hide under a beautiful brooch.
Another option is the flagellum. To do this, take a small-size scarf, fold diagonally, and then twist it like a tourniquet. Then loosely tie a knot so that it was your brush and on the hand tighten it harder, and the ends of the scarf to hide.