You will need
    • deep baking dish;
    • oven;
    • 100 gr. cheese;
    • 50 gr. oil;
    • 1 medium onion;
    • 300 gr. any meat
    • or fish;
    • 300 gr. potatoes;
    • 3 tablespoons of sour cream;
    • spices to taste.
Select the products for your masterpiece. Casserole with cheese - a versatile dish. It is good that for cooking you can use a variety of ingredients. Will perfectly suit any kinds of meat and stuffing, you can also use chicken or fish fillet. There are recipes cheese casserole with eggplant, mushrooms or cereals. This files most often for casseroles using potatoes, onions, sour cream. Definitely need just the cheese and some butter for greasing the form. In any case, choice of products is limited only by your imagination and the contents of your refrigerator.
For cooking you need to prepare a form for baking. It can be a frying pan, deep pan or a special rectangle, which can be found in the store. Making sure the form is clean and dry, gently reheat it and carefully brush with oil.
Conduct pre-product processing. The vegetables and mushrooms clean, rinse and finely chop. Meat, chicken and fish separated from the bones, rinse and dry with a cloth, removing the excess liquid, then RUB with spices. They are also advisable to cut into small pieces. Sometimes the filling of pre-boiled or roasted until soft, but you can use raw foods. Cheese is best grated or grind in a blender.
Fill your form filling casseroles. It is possible to stack the ingredients in layers or mix all pre-in a separate bowl. Season the stuffing with a sauce consisting of sour cream with spices, herbs and, if desired, with milk or broth. On top of the filling, sprinkle a layer of grated cheese.
Place the mold in the oven and bake at 220 degrees. Cooking time depends on what ingredients you used: raw foods need longer to cook than pre-processed. When the cheese baked Golden crust, remove the finished casserole out of the oven. Allow to cool slightly and you can serve the dish on the table.