You will need
  • - Jack;
  • - telescopic key;
  • - Vernier caliper or ruler.
Each car has its own criteria regarding frequency of replacement of brake pads. Basically, the drivers think that the pads require replacement after 8-10 thousand kilometers. This figure is General and fully focus on it not worth it. Each driver's individual driving style: easy driving, in this case, the pads can work up to 20 thousand kilometers, and the fans of fast driving and sudden stops necessary to change the pads already after 5-6 thousand mileage. In addition, there are many parameters that contribute to wearhave the brake pads: the quality of brake elements, environment, temperature, etc.
About weare pad indicates the presence of brake dust mixed with metal shavings on the wheel disks, and also very sharp, or, on the contrary, excessively weak inhibition, the presence of beats at the time of braking. If your car has similar problems, check the brake pads.
To check the degree of wearand the brake pads and front brake, set the car on a viewing hole or the Jack.
Telescopic wrench remove the front wheels. When checking the brake pads of the brake mechanism on the left, turn the steering wheel left and right while checking the brake system elements – the steering wheel to the right.
Determine the lining thickness brake pads through the inspection hole in the movable caliper bracket. If the thickness of the friction lining is 1.5 mm or less, the pads must be replaced.
To check pads the rear brake, put a Jack under the rear wheel and Unscrew them and remove the brake drum.
A caliper or a ruler to measure the thickness of the friction lining. If it is less than 1.5 mm, replace the rear brake pads.