You will need
  • - silicone grease;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - metal blade;
  • - tweezers.
Find out which cooler is not working properly. To do this install Everest, run it and open the menu "Sensor". Find the equipment, the temperature of which exceeds the norm.
Turn off the mobile computer. Disconnect the device from AC power. Flip the laptop and remove the battery pack. Now remove the necessary screws from the housing of the mobile computer.
Remove some devices that interfere with the normal disassembly of the housing. Most often before opening the case, you need to remove the hard drive, memory modules and the DVD drive.
Carefully separate the housing parts from each other. It is better to use a metal spatula. If you don't have this tool, use a screwdriver with a flat tip.
Lift one side of the housing and disconnect a few cables. This process should be conducted with tweezers or thin pliers.
Remove the lower part of the case and locate the fan. Unplug the ribbon cable of the power supply for this device. Unscrew a few screws and remove the cooler.
Siderite the sticker from the fan blades. Remove the plastic cover. With the help of forceps or needle pull the washer and rubber ring. After that, remove the blades from the axis.
Wipe with a cotton pad axle and fan blades. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the rotation axis. Install the blades and spin them a few times to evenly distribute grease.
Reinstall the retaining ring and gasket. Slip the end cap and attach the cooler to the radiator. Collect mobile computer in reverse order.
Turn on the laptop and after 20-30 minutes, run the program Everest. Check the temperature desired items.