New layer will create only if you have opened any document. There are several ways to create layers. The first of them. In the main menu, select "Layers" - "New" - "Layer." A window will appear. In it, you can enter the name of the layer to determine its color and select overlap mode, if needed. Click "OK". The layer is prepared.
The settings window of the created layer.
The second method. In the right part of the workspace you will find a panel working with layers. In the upper-right corner there is a icon in the shape of a small arrow and a few stripes. Click on it to bring up the menu. Select "New layer" and you will see the same window as in the first step.
The third way. On the panel of layers at the bottom there are several small buttons. Select the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a bent corner. Click it and a new layer immediately appears. Opens the new layer will not. The parameters are set automatically: transparent background, normal blending mode, layer1,2,3" or other number in order.
Quick button create a new layer.
The fourth and last way is perhaps the quickest. Press Shift+Ctrl+N. Before you again a window will appear create a layer. Select the desired options and click OK. These four options are to create a clear layer.
However, there is often a need to create a layer with the filling. Suppose you've opened a photo. It is automatically placed on the layer "background". You need to create a copy of this layer. To do this, simply drag the original layer to the icon that we talked about in step 3. A new layer will appear with the name "background copy"
Another way to create a new layercopy. Right click mouse on the layer "background" and in the drop-down menu, select "duplicate layer". A window will appear where you can enter the layer name and the location where will be placed the copy (the document or create a new). Assign everything that you need and click "OK". The layer will appear and be ready to work.