You will need
  • - statement by the bailiffs;
  • - a settlement agreement and a photocopy;
  • - passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.
If you signed a voluntary global agreement in the simple written form with the required notarized or in a notarial office, to fulfill all the requirements for it you have voluntarily.
Failure to comply with the conditions specified in paragraphs feature the settlement agreement, the aggrieved party may apply to the bailiff service with a statement, a passport, applying a global agreement and a photocopy to demand fulfillment of obligations in the enforcement.
Global agreementm may end the trial. If both sides of the trial have expressed a desire to enter into a voluntary agreementto stop the litigation, the court should make every effort to facilitate this. The document has the force of a writ of execution, so his unquestioning performance is strictly required. The court will no longer consider the appeal on this issue, as the issue is resolved and closed as a result of the agreementm.
Bailiffs are bound by a voluntary agreement, after the treatment of the injured party to start enforcement proceedings within 7 calendar days. The timing of enforcement of the document is 2 months.
Recovery can be done by any means not contrary to the law of the Russian Federation. The claim can be directed at the place of work, do not fulfill debt commitments the parties turned on a Bank savings account, on the property.
In the absence of the ability to fulfill claims under the settlement agreement, the guilty person can be brought to administrative responsibility or administrative work for an indefinite period until the entire debt on demand is not repaid in full.