Consider which units are required for the normal functioning of the enterprise. Regardless of the type of economic activity, except for the head, it is necessary to highlight the structures that will deal with accounting, HR, legal support.
In accordance with the specifics of the enterprise, think about what other units are required. If the enterprise production in the structure should be the logistics Department, production Department, logistics Department, marketing, advertising, warehouse staff must consider all the functions that ensure a smooth and uninterrupted production process. Each unit in the graphical view of the schema present in the form of a rectangle.
Identify the hierarchical subordination of each Department and division. Place them in the structural diagram in the form of a pyramid. Its base is production departments, profitable, and costly departments that ensure the normal and uninterrupted functioning of the production workers. Consider the horizontal relationships between these departments. Play production chain from receipt of raw materials until the shipment of final products from the warehouse. The relationship display in the diagram as arrows.
The top of the pyramid is the management of the company, which works closely with the management apparatus. Through this device are broadcast to the Executive Director this is called vertical communication. They reflect the passage of control signals from the management of the company through middle management to direct the performers. By means of the vertical arrows in the diagram show how and through what structure of the management staff, these guidelines will come to the base of the production pyramid.
When the structural schema is ready, arrange it in any graphics editor. Can draw this diagram even in Word using graphics mode.