You will need
  • - paint;
  • Wallpaper;
  • - a foam roller.
To start with the Wallpaper. Special coating for painting you can buy in a specialty store. Remember: for these purposes, ordinary paper Wallpaper does not fit you. They will not bear the weight of the paint, which will lead to negative results.
Check out the store with samples of Wallpaper with subsequent painting. Paper represent a dense coating that can hide surface irregularities and imperfections. Non-woven Wallpaper have a special structure of the front side. No less popular samples manifested after painting decorative patterns. They are made of fibreglass.
If you are in doubt of the correct choice of Wallpaper, please consult a specialist. An experienced master will tell you in detail about the advantages and caveats of using a particular material.
Color for the Wallpaper, choose neutral colours or white. If you decide to purchase already painted in the canvas, you will be hard to predict the result after painting.
Prepare the necessary materials prior to painting Wallpaper. For this you will need masking tape, a foam roller and paint (acrylic or latex).
Buy paint for Wallpaper. The choice of color, manufacturer and quality. If you have any doubts, consult with the seller.
Remember that the technology of painting the Wallpaper is not different from conventional painting surfaces: apply the paint with a roller on a dry and flat wall.
Before painting, note the surface. All the bumps and cracks in pre-zashpaklyuyte. Peeled off strips of Wallpaper correct with the help of PVA glue.
Be careful during the painting of the Wallpaper is not formed bubbles. If this happens, carefully remove them and re apply a coat of paint.