You will need
  • A suitable yarn, crochet hook.
The backhand. Start knitting mittens with the back of the hand. You need to collect a chain of air loops, the length of which should be equal to the distance from the base of the brush to the end of the little finger. I have this length is equal to 35 loops (VP). 3 EP rise further provarite a number of columns with yo, but leave nepovezane latest air loop. We vivasyan 8 STSN (columns with nakida), forming a sort of "twist" to the side of the chain. After that, we turn our work, 3 VP, and continue to knit with the "turn". It should be noted that STSN is best to choose themselves, since their number depends on the thickness of the thread.
Knitting series should continue until the width of our future mittens will not be equal to the width of your palm without thumb. It is about 5-6 ranks.
The inner side of the brush. Start knitting the inner side of the brush as well as started to knit the back of the hand. Provarite a number and select the location of the thumb. To do this, we will apply the brush to the first related parts, and note where the finger starts, and count the number of columns with nakida from the direct part of the product to this point. I have this number is 17 STSN. So, are finished 17 columns with nakida, then 1 air loop, 1 connecting column in the next stitch, then 1 EP, then the column with nakida in the next loop. And thus we continue knitting. It turns out the depression. Because of this, the knitting will be a gap. First, tie one part, then another. And then the upper edge of this gap to associate a connective column.
Finger. Next you need to connect the resulting two parts. This can be done in two ways: either sew, or tie a hook. It is best to sew a seam "over the edge" because the hook pulls a little edge.
Then finger vivasyan columns without nakida on the edge of the cut. That finger was comfortable, we starting from the third row, start to decrease the number of, are going to purl together the two columns. Need to do a permanent fitting mittensto test the usability of the finger. By the middle of knitting of the finger can not subtract a number. And to close the finger will start somewhere in the middle of the nail.
Knit mittens crochet easy and simple. The main advantage of this class is that mittens knitted quite fast, in just a few evenings. If you have no experience in this area, it is knitting mittens for You will be a great exercise.