You will need
  • - yarn (not too thick)
  • - 5 small spokes
  • free
To start typing an even number of loops. The number of eyelets depends on what size fit the product, and the thickness of the thread and the technique, where you knit.Do a simple calculation. Our task is to divide the loop into 3 equal parts. We will use the loops 26: 26 divide by three, we get the 8.6. Do the rounding in the smaller party and get 8. Is the number of loops should be in the lateral parts of the heel. The remaining number of loops is on the Central part. In our case, a 8 (side), 10 (center) and 8 (second side).
You want the number of Central loops even. If it turns out odd, then you just add one loop.Begin the process of knitting. Knit 26 stitches (the front) and then they also provarite purl loops on the other hand, turning the knitting.Turn the product and thus provarite 8 rows. It will be the height of the heel. Sure that the last row was wrong.
Turn the work, knit 8 loops to the side, then the 9 loops of the Central part, and the remaining 10th loop from the center of the knit together with the 1st loop second sidewall. We have 7 loops on the second side nepovezane.Turn and knit the center, the last loop knit again, taking with her the 1st loop lateral part.Then turn and knit the same way until all the stitches for the sides, and 10 loops of the center will remain.
Divide the 10 stitches on 2 needles and add side loops, it turns out, for 8 loops (1 per row).Next, take 2 needles and dial on every 13 stitches. In the end get 52 stitches.Knit in a circle, just as when knitting a sock. It will be the length of the podslednika, so occasionally you need to try it on foot while the little finger is closed. Only then we begin to diminish the loop.
Knit to the 1st pin of the loop except the last two.The remaining 2 loops knit with the first loop of the next spoke. So make with all the loops on each needle.Next knit row, not subtracting loop. And then through a row: row: take away in four places and a number – take.
Knit in this way until every spoke is on the 1st loop. Tie them together and then promazyvaya the final chain, and then slide the thread inside out, where and secure.All the product is ready.If you calculate everything correctly, and will carefully monitor the progress of knitting, you definitely get a beautiful product.