Go outside at midnight and wait for the first passing woman. Be sure to ask her name, so it will call your wife.
Take several identical pieces of paper. Write them all came to mind the names of women. Place all the slips in an opaque container, mix well. Remove the first piece of paper. It will be the name of your betrothed.
Take an Apple and a sharp knife. Carefully cut the peel from the Apple, so that it never broke. Take the peel in your right hand and throw it over your left shoulder back. The form taken by peel, unravel the letter. It will begin the name of your future spouse.
This divination to have fun in a big company. Take a frying pan, put it on a bundle of straw. Put the bottom of the pan a small pebble. Every reptile pulls out one straw at this time the stone moves slightly and makes a sound. The room must be quiet, because guessing the sound produced by the rock, must hear the name of the future spouse.
Take a few bulbs, write on them the names of women. Plant bulbs in water. Within a few days, observe the bulbs, which one will hatch first, then the name and will wear your wife.
Take the female thing. Write on slips of paper a few women's names. All this put to sleep under the pillow. In the morning, get out from under the pillow the first piece of paper. This is the name of your betrothed.