If you are going to meet a girl in the airport, be sure to find out her flight number and estimated time of landing of the aircraft. In any case, before departure call to help the airport and ask without delay if the flight, as they often have to wait for the arrival of a plane in a few hours will tire of each person. Leaving the airport by car or taxi, just calculate the travel time, taking into account possible traffic jams, to get ready how to meet lover.
Though to meet his beloved in the airport, the optional gift, get her a romantic surprise. It may be a huge bouquet of exotic flowers, and chocolates in the original box, and helium-filled balloons, and a bright banner creative inscription. Your further actions are directly related to what purpose you decide to put in front of him.
If a girl knows that you are sure will meet in the airport, call her cell phone right after the plane lands. This you will learn from relevant ads that are heard on the radio of the terminal and recorded on a display Board indicating the flight number. Agreeing with his beloved about the meeting in the waiting room, you'll lose her in the crowd of arriving passengers, but much more fun to surprise her, snatching his girl 's eyes, among other passengers.
Remember that passengers must first undergo a customs inspection, so your lover will appear in the arrival hall not earlier than 30-40 minutes after arrival of aircraft. Wanting to meet a girl at the airport unexpectedly for her, go to one of the passengers to exit and ask, not with whether it is flight, which flew and your beloved. This will help you to stay alert, because you will already know for sure that she will be here. Go to your favorite first, hand her a lavish bouquet or another prepared surprise, show all his views that you missed her and was looking forward to meeting.
Expensive gift to take to the airport is not required – you can give a favorite and at home, in a more festive atmosphere. Don't be afraid to seem funny to others, meeting a sweetheart with beads or bright poster, where is written your Declaration of love, as such a move will appreciate not only your girl but also the others in the Deputy receiving people.