Advice 1: What are the varieties of tomatoes

Tomatoes are presented in a huge number of types and before you buy the seeds, decide what tomatoes and what you need. Early varieties you are attracted to, late or those and others? Consider the conditions in your area, they may not be suitable for some types of tomatoes.
What are the varieties of tomatoes
If you have a low greenhouse, varieties of tomatoes to choose from short. They are called ultrametricity (superdeterminant), their growth is limited. The Central stem forms a 2-3 fruit brush and all. The fruit of these tomatoes are small or medium with lots of juice in the seed chambers. To maturity equal to 90-100 days. The best types are recognized: Arctic, Subarctic, North, oak, Dwarf, Crab, Nevsky, Antoshka, Muscovite, Siberian precocious, Alaska and others.
Determinate tomatoes are more diverse, but also more high and require pinching. Their fruits also contain a lot of juice, but may be denser, which makes them suitable for canning. The crop Matures in about 115 a day and gets hit by a late blight. The most interesting medium grade: Corsair, Angelica Dunn, the guarantor, Dove, Rocket, Photon, Tsarskoye Selo early, Blagovest F1, Verlioka F1, F1 Master, F1 Portland, Sindbad F1.
Semi-determinant tomatoes over the summer do not have time to grow all your fruit brush, so usually after the sixth Central stem pinch. For their cultivation needs about 150 days. Vershkovyi is usually carried out at the end of July. The fruits of these tomatoes large and fleshy. Popular: Persimmon, Giant Novikov, Monomakh, beef heart, Sweet pink, Beefsteak, Best of all, Dream lover, АтосF1, the Duo F1, Porthos F1, the F1 weekend.
There is a whole series of excellent varieties of tomatoes Siberian breeding. The most promising of them are: the Sturgeon, the Golden domes, dried Apricots, Anna, Japanese crab, Japanese tree, Giant crimson, Pink honey, Hospitable, Favorite holiday, Bear paw, Russian soul, the Three fat men. These varieties are well established in the North-West, so do not be afraid to experience them in their communities.
But these tomatoes are stored for a very long time, 3-4 months: Christmas, Giraffe, Hit F1, Cartouches, Instinct. If you want to enjoy great brushes with 20-25 fruits, you need Samara, Reflex, Intuition. Cherry tomato is a cherry yellow and cherry red.
For those who want to grow tomatoes on the balcony or windowsill will fit the Little Prince, Anetochka, hummingbirds, Bonsai and Balcony miracle. Try to plant several varieties to see which grow well in your area. Each year you can experiment with new types of tomatoes, because the only way to satisfy their curiosity. You should see pink, red, crimson, yellow, brown, purple, orange, striped and white copies.

Advice 2: Early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens

Tomatoes grown on the balcony? And why not! Just select the appropriate varieties – early ripening, forming a small compact Bush – installed on the balcony containers, fill them with soil for vegetable crops and begin planting a vegetable garden on the balcony. Of course this short review does not exhaust the abundance of early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens.
Early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens
Room surprise

This ultra early variety of tomato for compacted landings. Great for growing in container culture in the loggias, the balconies, in the home. The plant is neat, compact, up to half a meter, does not require the formation and pinching. Fruiting friendly, comes after 80-90 days after germination. Fruit medium-sized, plum, weighing about 60 g. Fruiting occurs together, the harvest is plentiful. The purpose of the class — universal.

Pygmy room

This ripening varieties can be grown as a container on balconies, loggias, terraces, as well as be used outdoors in tight crop of vegetable and flower crops (in the borders). The plant is a dwarf, ornamental in appearance, 25-30 cm tall. Tomatoes can be grown nonseedlings way. Fruiting bushes are plentiful. The fruits are small, weighing about 25 g, red, very sweet. The purpose of the class — universal.


This early maturing variety for cultivation anywhere, and under the film shelters and outdoors, at home, and on loggias and balconies. Plant height of 30-40 cm, does not require the formation and pinching. The variety is characterized by abundant fructification; tomatoes ripen red, small (15-25 g), pleasant sweet taste with the sourness. The grade features high decorative, easy environment, good ability to bear fruit even with a lack of light.
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