You will need
  • - administrator account;
  • - Dirlock.
Turn on the computer and wait for Windows to load XP. Log in using the administrator account. Remember that access to encrypted folders will only have this account. Create an additional account in which the other user will work with your computer.
Now open the Explorer menu and navigate to the desired folder. Highlight its icon, right-click and select "Properties". Locate and open the "extras" menu, which is located in the "General"tab.
Activate the checkbox "Encrypt contents to secure data" by checking the box next to the item. Press the Ok button. In the appeared menu, select the "Use only for this folder".
Remember that this encryption method is reliable only if you are the only administrator of the computer. The fact is that if you have a second account with similar rights, the user can change the password of your account and to access the encrypted files.
If you want to increase the degree of protection of directories, use additional software, such as DirLock. Install this utility. Restart the computer.
Now open the Explorer menu and locate the desired folder. Click the right mouse button. Select Lock/UnLock. Enter twice the password to access this directory. If you want to apply the Hidden attribute, check the box next to Hide. Press the Ok button.
Disadvantage of this utility is that you can't open a folder without unlocking. If you need to access information, click the right mouse button on the icon of the directory, and then click UnLock. Enter the password and click Ok. Reinstall the password after the work is completed with the required information.