Medicinal properties - the characteristics of

First, and perhaps the most important property of water is its ability to accelerate the pace of almost all metabolic processes in the body. Main receives stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Many people, on the advice of professionals in the field of dietetics and nutrition, and use mineral water as a preventive measure against diseases of the stomach, esophagus and intestines.

A female who care about their figure, therapeutic mineral water, strengthen the walls of the stomach and at the same time, will help the intestines to withdraw all unnecessary debris. Another advantage of mineral water is its beneficial cosmetic effects on skin and hair. Weekly use of water from mineral springs to rinse the hair will make them not only more beautiful and shiny, but also improve their level of health.

Also, not less frequented mineral springs are used as a treatment for cough and sore throat. Please note that when heated, the mineral components do not lose their basic remedies.

What kind of mineral water has healing properties

The modern market of goods and services offers a huge variety of different types of mineral water. All issued mineral products classically can be divided into two large groups: mineral water and healing.

Mineral water dining - products that are mass produced only for the purpose of quenching your thirst of man. The mineral content does not exceed 1 Gy for DM and you can drink it in any quantity.

Therapeutic mineral water has different characteristics. The salinity in the water over 10 grams. That production of this type contains high concentration mixture consisting of saline and mineral substances. Drinking healing mineral water is possible only in small doses on prescription. If you make a list the most well-known medicinal waters, it will include brands such as: "Essentuki", ".", "donut".

There are also a variety of medical - table mineral water with mineral content in the range from 1 to 10 m in DM. you need to Use it with caution and in certain quantities.

The medical mineralok also varies. It depends on what water is the best option for a particular person.
So, hydrocarbonate waters are recommended for those who are involved in sports, as well as for the treatment of urolithiasis, the kidneys. In addition, these waters are useful in diabetes. People suffering from gastritis, they are absolutely contraindicated.

Chloride of soda stabilize the bowels and biliary tract, useful in diseases of the liver. It is impossible to use them at elevated pressure.

Sulfate mineral water helps to cope with diseases of gallbladder, liver, but completely contraindicated for children, because it slows down the growth of bones.

Magnesium water contribute to the normalization nervous system, improve blood circulation. If you have problems with the stomach to eat them is impossible.