Determine the risk level of output hard disk failure. Seagate has confirmed this danger for models:- Barracuda 7200.11;- Barracuda ES.2;- DiamondMax 22;- DiamondMax SV35.The problem lies in the error that is causing the destruction of the system information used by the disk at startup. In RAID environments this can lead to damage of multiple disks when you restart the computer.
Locate the serial number of the hard disk on the label and open the front page of the official site of Seagate. Click the link "knowledge Base" and click the line "Click here to take advantage of the program to validate the serial number". Print the stored number in the appropriate field to open the utility dialog box of the check and enter the Captcha characters to confirm.
Complete the inspection and decide whether you need to rewrite. It's enough to look on-line Result and Action. Phrase Drive is not affected means that the hard drive does not need flashing, and the phrase Proceed with Step 4 implies the need for updates.
Download the appropriate upgrade image and create the disk with the desired program. Connect to update firmware hard drive to ipsecname channel SATA. Make sure that all other drives are disabled physically and flash drive only.
Use the created disk firmware to download the update. Launch MS-DOS, the special shell and open a file named readme. Close this file and specify the updated volume model in the catalog. Confirm selected actions, and complete the process.
Please note that no further action is required and the procedure for updating the firmware of the hard disk will be performed automatically. Signal the end of the process will perform an automatic shutdown.