If you have little time to care for an aquarium, choose hardy types. This can be a gold fish. They live well and without heated water, just room temperature, not need water special softness, is not demanding to feed. Only, their gold fish provide a spacious aquarium of at least 20 litres per individual, and 1 time a week to do the substitution 1/4 part water.
To the unpretentious attitude and the snail. This is a fish of small size, from small colorful guppies to swordtails majestic, reaching up to 12 cm or more. The snail have bright color, flexible, require a water temperature of 20-28 degrees C. Easy to get along with other fish species. Multiply rapidly, but eat born fry. If the aquarium has a lot of vegetation, then part of the fry survive by hiding.
Buy a few catfish. These "bearers" of the aquarium will pick up uneaten food residue from the other fish. Catfish don't have bright coloring, but there are species with a very original body shape. For example, note tarakathum, having long antennae and a flexible body. Or catfish stuck, they have a sucker and often hang, attach to the wall of the aquarium. Yet there are species that eats algae, thereby cleaning the walls of the tank, rocks, decorations and plants from the ugly brown-green patina.
The larger aquariums can have a large slow skalyariy, gourami, gold fish (vualehvostki, telescopes, fancy Lionhead, comet), cichlids and others. Watch their majestic movements is a delight.
You can stop your choice on the aggressive fish. For example, choose a piranha. But then you have to accept some inconveniences to care for. When cleaning the aquarium or pruning of plants to calm the fish can instantly cling to your finger, if it has the slightest wound. In addition, other plant types already will be, piranhas destroy all life, even their feeble or petty relatives.
It is not enough to determine the choice aquarium fish. Inspect the vending species. On its body and fins should not be damaged, stained, mucus, putridity, white dots. Note how the fish floats, its movement should be a right inherent in the species. If the fish is scratched on the ground, a meaningless movement, leans to one side, a not take.