Before you decide to make a "snow white", think about how you will look with a very pale face. Not everyone can afford "porcelain" makeup.If you have naturally light skin, dark hair (blond or light brown), grey or blue eyes - you can wear this makeup.But if you have dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes - alas, the "snow maiden" you can't be. Although every rule has exceptions.The perfect tools for pale skin - those that are created for Asian women. On the nature of their dark skin, therefore they try to whiten it.However, the Europeans, from which to make a choice.So, clean the skin and moisturize it.
Apply all over face concealer a tone lighter to your skin, blend well it.
Hide all the imperfections using the corrector, dark circles under eyes by using concealer. Pale skin has to be perfect.
Apply all over face translucent powder with a slight lightening effect to secure the makeup.
Select the corner of the eye, the space under the eyebrow, nose and cheekbones powder or cream highlighter. This is to ensure that the skin is beautifully lit up and looked pale, but healthy.
With this makeup, the emphasis should be on the tone of the face but not the eyes or the lips. So ogranichtes only mascara for eye makeup and lipstick bright natural shade.Instead of lipstick you can use a thin layer of Foundation, which will emphasize the whiteness of the face.